Criminal Background Check

The Investigation: A Client turned to Covert Consultants Inc. when they needed a complete Criminal History Report.  The Client was in a child custody battle, knew of their ex-spouse’s criminal history and was unable to obtain the information online.  The Client was seeking monitored visits with their child and needed proof of the ex-spouse’s dangerous criminal past.

Results: Covert Consultants Inc. provided our Client in one business day a complete and accurate NY State Criminal History Report. Further use of our extensive data base searches revealed an extensive criminal record in other states. With the help of the information provided by Covert Consultants Inc. our client was able to prove their claims.


Personal Injury Fraud

The Investigation: Covert Consultants Inc. was hired to conduct surveillance on a contractor who had claimed an injury while working on our clients home.  Personal injury fraud is a serious crime and can be a devastating blow on home owners insurance or business insurance.

Results: Throughout a month long surveillance  the contractor was identified and documented working on several other job sites. The contractor was found to have several building permits in his name as wells contracts for current and future jobs.  The contractor was documented at the job sites performing heavy labor. Covert Consultants Inc. testified and presented all the evidence they collected in court and was able to help our client disprove the contractor’s claim.


Divorce Agreement

The Investigation: Our Office received a call when a client became concerned their ex-spouse was not abiding to the divorce agreement. The agreement stated our client would agree to pay their ex-spouse a weekly income for child care in stead of sending their child to day care.  In the agreement the ex-spouse agreed not have a job and care for the children full time.

Results: Through out a few weeks of surveillance we provided our client with extensive evidence showing the ex-spouse was employed and living in cohabitation with a significant other. The evidence collected showed several violation of the agreement and our client had the agreement restructured.