We perform surveillance for all types of fraud including workers compensate, personal injury, theft and more. We also specialize in infidelity and child custody cases. We are experts at documenting your spouses activity to see if they are unfaithful. Covert Consultants also offers services to monitor an ex-spouse to determine if their living environment is fit for a child.

Witness Location

Has a witness you need moved to an unknown address? Do you need to locate a former employee that has left the area? Covert Consultants provides expert services in aiding to find witness that have changed location during crucial times of proceedings or investigations.

Background Checks

A complete and accurate New York State Criminal History Report is an important tool for any employer hiring new employees or a parent who is hiring help to watch their children. Covert Consultants Inc. can help you make an informed decision with this extensive report.

Process Service

Covert Consultants Inc. is experienced in providing the service of all types of important documents. This list includes but is not limited to; subpoenas, eviction notices, divorce papers and certified mail.


Recorded or hand written and signed statements from a witnesses can be a crucial element in carrying your case through the courtroom proceedings. At Covert Consultants we handle this for you.

Activity Checks

This service helps to determine if further surveillance is needed to identify fraud with a claim. We can identify if an individual is alive and well, receiving their benefits. Our Investigators document the residence and surrounding area reporting back on the activity level of the claimant.